Bony fish faunas diversification in Triassic period:
old and new problems


Stefano Masini

Earth Sciences Dept. ‘A. Desio’, Milan University, Via Luigi Mangiagalli 34, Milan, Italy.


How to cite: Masini (2020). Bony fish faunas diversification in Triassic period: old and new problems. Fossilia, Volume 2020: 33-35.

Bullet-Points Abstract
  • In Triassic period there is a remarkable diversity in actinopterygians bony fishes.
  • The application of traditional and modern taxonomic methods returns outcomes difficult to interpret.
  • A revision of Triassic actinopterygian groups is desirable to allow the future work of paleontologists.

Keywords: Triassic; fish taxonomy; fish paleontology; subholosteans.


Fig. 1. Overview of the actinopterygian bony fishes phylogeny (modified from Carroll, 1988).

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