The wolf from Grotta Romanelli: New insights from brain morphology


Alfio Moscarella, Alessio Iannucci, Dawid Adam Iurino, Beniamino Mecozzi & Raffaele Sardella

PaleoFactory Laboratory, Department of Earth Science, Sapienza, University of Rome, P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome, Italy.

A. Moscarella:

A. Iannucci:   

D. A. Iurino:

B. Mecozzi:  

R. Sardella:


How to cite: Moscarella et al. (2020). The wolf from Grotta Romanelli: New insights from brain morphology. Fossilia, Volume 2020: 45-46.

Bullet-Points Abstract
  • The wolf from Grotta Romanelli was initially referred to Canis aureus, subsequently to C. mosbachensis or C. lupus by other authors.
  • Sardella et al. (2014) attributed it to C. lupus.
  • A detailed neuroanatomical analysis confirmed this attribution and provide new insights on brain anatomy and phylogeny.

Keywords: Grotta Romanelli; Canis lupus; Brain anatomy.


Fig. 1. A-E. Cranial endocasts of: A, Canis lupus italicus; B, Canis from Grotta Romanelli; C, Canis latrans; D, Canis mesomelas; E, Canis aureus. F-G. Graphics of Surface/ Volume ratio and Prorean Gyrus volume/ Brain volume index. Principal sulci in the rostral region: Prs: prorean sulcus; Ths: third groove; Ios: intraorbital sulcus. Principal gyri: Prg: proreal gyrus; Org: orbital gyrus

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